Welcome to SPL Components Limited

At SPL Components Ltd we believe in helping our customers achieve their ideal home space to the highest quality and standard.

With the combination of a fully trained technical team, and an external testing facility at our disposal, quality is assured in terms of advice, products, and service. Please contact us to find out how we can help with your lighting requirements.

SPL Components, known formerly as Sycamore Products Ltd was founded in 1994 that has seen continual rapid expansion over the past 20 years to become a market leader in both sourcing and supplying components to the UKs leading furniture manufacturers.


Hera Tunable LED Mirror
Ares Tunable LED Mirror
Halifax Tunable LED Mirror
Milton Tunable LED Mirror
Milton Tunable LED Mirror
Balmoral Tunable Double Mirror
Stratford Tunable Mirror
Sudbury Tunable LED Mirror
Milton Tunable LED Mirror
Kingston Tunable LED Mirror
Bailey LED Mirror & Demister
Belice LED Mirror / shaver / Demister
Florence LED Mirror
Helsinki LED Mirror & Demister
Malmo LED Mirror & Demister
Oslo LED Mirror / shaver / Demister
Polar LED Mirror & Demister
Stockholm LED Mirror & Demister
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