Inset Pantry Drawer

Inset Pantry Drawer

The following accessories can be added to to make a Pantry Drawer. Options are available for 86mm height drawers (set 1), or 204mm height drawers (set 2).

Set 1
Metal Drawer front & 2 front corner brackets for 86mm Soft Close Drawer.
SY6127 Set 1 for 450mm width
SY10080 Set 1 for 500mm width
SY6130 Set 1 for 600mm width
SY6132 Set 1 for 800mm width
SY6134 Set 1 for 900mm width
SY6136 Set 1 for 1000mm width

Set 2
Metal Drawer front, rail, 2 front corner brackets & dark grey handle for 204mm Soft Close Drawer.
SY6128 Set 2 for 450mm width
SY6129 Set 2 for 500mm width
SY6131 Set 2 for 600mm width
SY6133 Set 2 for 800mm width
SY6135 Set 2 for 900mm width
SY6137 Set 2 for 1000mm width

Please note for the 204mm version you will also need to order the set of additional drawer sides (SY10042), the set of rear brackets (SY10043), and a set of gallery rails (SY10044).

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